10th April 2014

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Mercenary Tao was an assassin-for-hire, usually charging ten billion per kill. The 5’10”, 154 lb general was commissioned by the Red Ribbon Army to hunt down Goku, who had defeated all of the operatives while taking away their acquired Dragon Balls. He had a power level of 240. Captain Ginyu was the leader of an elite mercenary platoon. The 6’3”, 340 lb commander possessed the ability to switch his body with someone else’s. Ginyu had a power level of 240,000. Dr. Gero was the mastermind behind the androids. Plotting his revenge ‘gainst Goku, the 5’7”, 174 lb scientist strived to create the ultimate fighting machine. His power level was surprisingly 10,000,000. Frieza was a ruthless galactic emperor who ran a planet trade. The 5 ft, 100 lb “cold” individual had a power level of 120,000,000. Piccolo was the Namekian reincarnation of his father, as well as the final villain in the Dragon Ball series. The 7’5”, 255 lb Z Fighter had a power level of 500,000,000. Cell was designed to have all the abilities of the greatest combatants of Earth. Arrogant, he thought himself as perfect, barely registering an attack to the neck, with a Destructo Disk breaking upon impact. The 7’3”, 315 lb destruction-bringer had a power level of 1,079,956,055. Majin Buu was one of the most powerful entities in DBZ. The 5 ft, 150 lb demon had a power level of 1,379,943,848 while the 7’9”, 300 lb version had a power level of 4,000,000,000.

Realistic Dragon Ball Villains, by Angus Yi.

Who is the most menacing-looking antagonist?

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18th September 2013

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Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell. And when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough.
— William Saroyan  (via psych-facts)

8th September 2013

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to those who serve, we will remember. to those who don’t serve, don’t pretend as if your hardships are even comparable

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1st September 2013

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8th August 2013

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6th August 2013

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My father used to say, “Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument.
— Archbishop Desmond Tutu (via gofuckingnuts)

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29th July 2013

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1 in 10 men are psychopaths.
— i believe it

16th June 2013


happy Father’s Day and congratulations on graduation! #ucsb #2013 #gauchos

happy Father’s Day and congratulations on graduation! #ucsb #2013 #gauchos

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4th June 2013

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Scientists discover most relaxing tune ever

Sound therapists and Manchester band Marconi Union compiled the song. Scientists played it to 40 women and found it to be more effective at helping them relax than songs by Enya, Mozart and Coldplay.

Weightless works by using specific rhythms, tones, frequencies and intervals to relax the listener. A continuous rhythm of 60 BPM causes the brainwaves and heart rate to synchronise with the rhythm: a process known as ‘entrainment’. Low underlying bass tones relax the listener and a low whooshing sound with a trance-like quality takes the listener into an even deeper state of calm.

Dr David Lewis, one of the UK’s leading stress specialists said: “‘Weightless’ induced the greatest relaxation – higher than any of the other music tested. Brain imaging studies have shown that music works at a very deep level within the brain, stimulating not only those regions responsible for processing sound but also ones associated with emotions.”

The study - commissioned by bubble bath and shower gel firm Radox Spa - found the song was even more relaxing than a massage, walk or cup of tea. So relaxing is the tune, apparently, that people are being Rex advised against listening to it while driving.

The top 10 most relaxing tunes were: 1. Marconi Union - Weightless 2. Airstream - Electra 3. DJ Shah - Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix) 4. Enya - Watermark 5. Coldplay - Strawberry Swing 6. Barcelona - Please Don’t Go 7. All Saints - Pure Shores 8. AdelevSomeone Like You 9. Mozart - Canzonetta Sull’aria 10. Cafe Del Mar - We Can Fly

my muscles stopped functioning 

I know what I’m going to go to sleep listening to.

I feel light-headed.

HOLY SHIT BRO. everything just. slowed down.

what is air


I ican’t tyopiEW RIFght

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3rd June 2013

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ate a stick of gum today. I hope he survives lolol.

6th April 2013

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deltopia with the pbros #tanksareoverrated #poloswag #oceanside

deltopia with the pbros #tanksareoverrated #poloswag #oceanside

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29th March 2013

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29th March 2013

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19th March 2013

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